Buy a Cheap Violin – What You Must Know

All these are electric violins which come with headphones and permit you to be able to practice without bothering neighbours and loved ones. Even if you are able to play with an acoustic guitar very well, if you are practicing a bit of music and going over it over and over, it can really annoy people in close proximity. Let’s face it, the final product may sound fantastic, but the attempt to get there may occasionally mean your playing is not at its best. My long-suffering loved ones are now very used to me wandering around the house practicing my violin but they draw a line at me sitting together watching TV whilst studying a violin tune.


So how quiet are silent violins? If you put a bridge creep in an Acoustic, it does not really make it quiet but only mutes some of the vibration, thus making it somewhat less noisy. An electric violin is essentially a piece of wood which makes it seem out of pick-up that is then channelled into some kind of amplification. Whether this violin amplification is a set of headphones, then all people in the area will hear is the somewhat squeaky sound of the bow drawing on the strings. To put it another way; it is still annoying to folks in exactly the exact same area, but go to a room by yourself, shut the door and put on your headphones and you would not disturb anyone. Here are my two options for quiet violins; one economical and the other more expensive.

The headphones plug into a Different socket at the violin and because the Pick-up is busy, you want to add a battery to perform. The violin itself is not too bad but the cans were cheap and totally useless. We used an expensive set of my own, and this improved the sound, although it was still a bit dead finally fed the violin through some effect pedals and a mixer desk and listened with my headphones plugged into the mixer desk, which gave me a very decent sound. The purpose is, could have done this with any electric violin so really did not need one with a particular headphone socket.

This particular version when using headphones is very quiet and you are Able to perform at high volume on your cans whilst people in your home or Neighbours will be oblivious to the noise. Since the violin has a built-in Reverberation unit that the headphone sound is fantastic, so you do not require other effects pedals or mixer desk. The beauty of the violin is that you can take it to a resort and play at high volume on your bedroom without bothering anybody.