Guidelines On Removing Eyelash Extension

Unfortunately, all good things have to come to end at certain point. Whereas lash extensions might look beautiful but will become very irritating if they were applied very badly or lash growing out in various directions. When it happens, best thing you can do is visit the professional technician for eyelash extension removal and get the new set. Try visiting same lash artist who applied your lashes as they know the right products & techniques that they have used. However, as there are not any better choices available, they will help the customers by giving right instructions.   Given are some steps that will help to remove your eyelash extensions right at your home:

Clean Your Face

Clean your face just like you do normally. Ensure you do not scrub the eye area since it will pull on the lashes & can cause damage. Purpose of cleaning your face is removing mascara and eye makeup, which might have settled on your eyelash extensions. Suppose you are wearing makeup, make use of gentle makeup remover and two-in-one remover or cleanser that will return it to bare state. Thoroughly clean your face after that.

  • Fill one big bowl with hot water, place your face straight on the bowl, and cover the head with large towel. Just hold there for 10 – 15 minutes as it softens its glue & encourage release of extensions.
  • Dip one cotton ball in coconut or olive oil and swipe along the lash line, helping your extensions to slide right off. Also, you might have to repeat the step that will help to dissolve its glue completely.
  • When your extensions slide off, just rinse the face with lukewarm water and remove excess oil. Apply moisturizer and hydrating face oil that will nurture your skin as well as bring lashes to the original state.