Picking the Thermoplastic Polyurethane 3d Printing For Your Products

Clothing label types include Woven, Printed Leather PVC, Hang tags, and Heat transfer. So with all these options, let us look at how to make it more easy to select which one would be ideal for products or your clothes. While studying and picking your label type, bear in mind the following crucial factors: you need to consider your item’s level of quality, design, fabric or substance, how the label will be attached to your merchandise, and, of course, your budget.

thermoplastic polyurethane 3d printingWoven Labels

Woven labels are created as one, Piece on a loom. Woven labels are high quality tags that may be used on any product. They are suitable for high quality products or regular as the label appears professional. The cloth choices used for labels are semi-damask generally damask, taffeta, and lace.

  • Damask – This is a High Density substance tag. Ours is 80 den
  • For smoothness, a end, and quality this tag is Highly suggested.
  • Semi-Damask – This can be great Excellent tag, but somewhat thinner than Damask
  • Taffeta – This tag has a Flat Finish. This is of lesser quality compared to the woven.

Printed Labels

Printed labels if you remember Have the information printed onto the label. These tags can be digitally or thermally printed on lace or cotton. Additionally, there are thermoplastic polyurethane 3d printing labels that are a transparent, soft plastic texture. These have a special look and texture and are used throughout the business for swimwear. However, since it is The data might fade with regular use and would not be as durable as a custom. TPU labels will offer a more durability than a tag that is lace. If your garment or product is made to continue then you need a label that will endure as long and printed labels are not recommended as the best alternative.