Three cases when commercial artificial grass is better than natural

commercial artificial grass

In recent years, commercial artificial turf has lost its reputation as sticky, brittle and ugly and has made it possible for natural grass to cover its money as an option for covering yards and sports grounds. The durability of the material, low maintenance requirements and the ability to eliminate many of the annoying problems that natural grass faces, have influenced it between homeowners and sports facility managers that it did not previously possess. Nowadays, almost as often you can find plots and courtyards covered with a carpet grass singapore, as well as natural grass.

The lines below detail three of these cases and explain what makes artificial grass more suitable than its natural counterpart in each of them.


Natural grass, being natural, tends to transport a number of allergenic agents and components, if not directly, through association. Pollen, poison ivy, certain natural dust and insect bites are just some of the potentially allergenic elements that surround a natural lawn, not to mention grass leaves, which can often cause skin rashes or irritation.

Fight to save

Not all homeowners can take care of the natural courtyard. Lawn mowing, weed removal, insect protection and soil damage are just some of the problems that the average wearer of natural grass will encounter, and they are not always feasible.

Pets and children

The benefits of using commercial artificial turf in homes with pets and children have been much appreciated elsewhere, but this case is worth mentioning anyway.